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Gea & Beny, Sumbawa


Barodak Rapancar is a tradition of scrubs and hand coloring. Both words are from the original Sumbawa language. The word Barodak is taken from the word 'Odak' which means Scrub while Rapancar is derived from the word Pancar which means to redden the nails with hena leaves.

This Barodak / Rapancar ritual is usually performed after other marriage processions have been preceded by such as Bajajak (exploring), Bakatoan (Applying), Basaputis (Establishing a good day), Bada (notification), and Nyorong (Antaran). Then after Barodak Rapancar, followed by the Nikah (marriage), Rame Mesa (enlivening the venue) and Tokal Basai (reception).

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October 12, 2019